About Comodo Internet Security


Today I have questions about Comodo Internet security and I want answers correct and detailed

Apologize me if wrong section or similar in a situation like that topic and but I want detailed and incorrect answers

Start the questions Anon (Please be answers of each person power and not move and quotes)

  1. anti virus and its work and performance, its features and its properties? With an explanation of all alerts?

  2. Defense + and custom features and characteristics and done? With an explanation of all alerts?

  3. custom firewall and its features and characteristics and? With an explanation of all alerts?

  4. know cloud scanner and characteristics and properties and done? With an explanation of all alerts?

Please read through the help files to see if they answer your questions.

If you still have questions after reading the help files please feel free to ask.


Hi LeGenDCIS, (what a cool nickname ;D)

First of all, if you want some answers with 100% details you should go on CIS HELP, they explain everything about the product step by step (this is the V6 one you can also chose previous versions help).
Then, if you still have some questions you can ask us but reading the HELP page is really needed as most of the answers you need are explain there.

[b]help page but I want answers from you because I didn’t understand what terms and definitions

So I want a professional or expert person explain to me all the techniques and layers in Comodo with defined and its advantages and characteristics

Please to know that explains and gives examples and understand more I repeat my thanks to him[/b]

Please let us know what you don’t understand (specific questions) and we’ll try to help.

However, you need have read enough from the help files to understand what you don’t know so we can help fill in the rest.

Read the help page

need information and answers from experts and it pros Comodo be detailed or abbreviated

If you want to help me, I reiterate my thanks to you and will not forget marovk start[/b]

Where posts?

I’m sorry to say that it’s literally not possible to answer your questions. The only way to do it would be to essentially recreate the help files, which is obviously not possible to do in a forum.

Thus, I do not expect that anyone will be able to answer any questions you ask until you read through the help files to see how much you can understand first. Only after that can we help.

Thank you.