About comodo firewall ...

I am new to use comodo firewall . so , can i know what mean ’ the firewall has logged 180 high severity events ’ ?

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The display on CFPs Summary page indicates how many High Severity events have been logged in CFPs Log (Activity tab). There is no need to worry, this is normal when CFP is first installed as it needs to learn your system & almost everything it sees, it is seeing for the first time (from CFPs point-of-view). Thus, all the High Severity alerts. This can also happen when you have not Allowed a major application in your system (such as Torrent Apps & Browsers).

If you need help with CFPs Log, then please note that the Log can be exported to HTML file by right clicking on the Log. You can then open the HTML file in your default browser & use a simple Copy ‘n’ Paste to post the Logs here. Please remember to mask any private IP addresses that you don’t want made public, thanks.

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Here’s a quote from CPF manual:

High Severity Alerts are represented by a Red icon . High Severity alerts are generated by DOS ( Denial of Service) attacks, Port Scan, Trojan Probe attacks and when application monitor detects a 'leak'.

When a high severity alert is detected , the firewall goes into emergency mode. The firewall will stay in emergency mode for the duration set by the user. This duration, set by default to 120 seconds, can be configured in the Intrusion Detection tab in 'Advanced Configuration. Whilst in emergency mode, all inbound traffic is blocked except those previously established and active connections. However, all outbound traffic is still allowed.

180 is quite a lot. Did you get them all within a short time? Do you get any new ones?
If you want to know if you’ve got something to be worried about, you should do the following:
Mark the log-entries you want to post, right-click anywhere in the “logs” window and choose “Export HTML”. Then post your logs here.
Maybe (if you still get a lot of new alerts) it would be best to clear all logs and wait a bit as 180 log-entries are quite a lot to look through :wink: … or you could, as mentioned above, only choose the log-entries that startle you the most.
Hope that helps.

Sorry kail, I was posting and didn’t pay attention to the alert that someone had posted while I was still typing.

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