About Comodo Dragon problems

Hello, everyone !

1.Comodo Dragon 18.2 when the official version released ?

2.Comodo Dragon is a browser written by people of any country ?

Please Advanced lift my doubts .

Thank you very much .

  1. there is no set date of the release

  2. i dont know what you are trying to ask here, can you rephrase your question.

Comodo Dragon is develops the browser by that country ?

Comodo has various offices over the world. Why do you want to know in what country it is written? Do you have legal concerns about CD or its source code?

Pure wants to know that this Comodo Dragon is the browser which any country develops .

Without other intention .

I see staff people with IP addresses from both US and Ukraine. I am not sure where the main office is for Dragon. May be lightstep can shine a light here.

People involved in development of Dragon browser are currently spread between US, Romania and Ukraine.