About Comodo 2.0 version

Hello Guys!

I have some questions about Comodo 2.0:

1- It will improve the resource usage? I mean, you guys are taking less resource than it was in the begginning, but I believe you could make it more light, making the system runs more faster (its not just about the memory footprint, but about the general response time of the system after you execute an application).

2- How long time do you guys intend to take to add new signatures? I ask this, because you guys usually are needing 4 or 5 days to add and sometimes you guys just doesnt add… ??? even with a lot of other avs already detecting… Is it going to be improved in version 2?

3- This new version will be already able to clean true viruses, or you guys still just moving them to quarantine? Any new unpackers (like UPX, for example) were created to this new version?

Ps–> Whats the faster way to get new signatures from you guys? Sending the undetected sample by email or by the function in the quarantine system? Or doesnt matter?

Thanks for your time,


1)yes it will improve the mem usage (but we won’t stop there we will continue improving it. There will be speed improvements as well

2)the signatures are usually added pretty quickly. The reason why we don’t add some is cos we don’t have some unpackers. So all our developers are busy developing unpackers at the moment. We will have around 4-6 new big unpackers launched, which will improve detection. And we will continue to add new unpackers, (there are around 30).

3)yes some.

ps: pls send it to malwaresubmit@comodo.com as well. (in theory it goes to same system, but I keep an eye on this email address myself :wink: )


Hello Melih!

You mean, you already have 4-6 unpackers in the current version or these unpackers will be launched in the next version?

Good to know that you guys are working on unpackers! I cant wait to see the better usage of memory and all the unpackers ready, so you guys can focus in fast signatures addtions! :slight_smile:

Ps–> Any plans to make comodo available to win 98?

Thanks for your time,


Not sure if we will support 98. Even Microsoft stopped supporting it!


Hello Melih!

The first time you open Outlook Express, it have a big delay before it attempt to established a connect to pop3 server and other delay connecting to the pop3 server. After this first time, it works normally (maybe a proccess that is loaded in the first time is causing the delay? )…

You guys are going to fix it in this next release? ???

Thanks for your time,


Ps–>Melih, I have a big surprise for you (big in all aspects, specialy file size ;D). I am retrievieng my malware database with more than 1GB of malware file, when I get all back, I will send to you as I promissed!! I didnt forgot! ;D
Its more than 40.000 different malware samples (viruses, trojan, worms, dialers)

yes we found that litt bugger bug that causes the delay! We fixed it already and getting it ready for a beta relase next week before the big release.

You are the man Elminster! Pls do send us everything you have :slight_smile: Let me know if you need FTP access, i will get it for you…just PM me.

thanks a lot!


Hello Melih!

Dont worry, when I finish to get my samples back (I think 2 more days will do), I will ask for the FTP access to send to you.
Also I will send as well around 100 new trojans (bankers,downloaders,etc) samples that people sent to me in the last week. Most of them still ITW. :slight_smile: They are all new! =-P

Oh, another thing about version 2 that I did remember:

When you do a context scan (right click over a file and asks for comodo scan a single file), it scan the memory before the file always. Making the context scan get more time than it should…

Maybe in the next version it will have an option to disable memory scan in context scan? Or maybe it could scan just the file, not doing the memory scan??

Are you guys aware of this?

Thanks for your time


Thanks Elminster

yes we will make that optional so that it does not scan the memory before…


Melih, assuming the beta release is by the middle of July… when would the big release be? August?

Hopefully soon after, however it very much depends on what we find in the beta version :slight_smile:


I’m probably going to load the beta either way, but out of curiosity… If I were to load the beta version, would the final release be applied overtop of it as an automatic update, or would i need to uninstall the beta and install the release version manually?

It’s always a good practice to do the uninstall-reboot-install-reboot shuffle when installing or installing any security product.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Melih!

Another question about the new release came up to my mind:

Is it will have an option to ignore a detection in real time scan? Or it will just auto quarantine the file like now? Any Heal/Clean option too?

Thanks for your time,

Bruno Barbieri

I think it has that option now!
Under settings, on access scan, advanced.

(or maybe I didn’t understand your question?)


Just a friendly query on the progress with CAV 2.0 BETA, but cleverly disguised so that the ETA part of the question is implied :wink:

hah, all these lovely offering on the go has made me a Comodo addict I think ;D

I guess it’s time to channel this “anticipation” energy into a “Support Group” post… Hello, my name is m0ng0d, and it has been 3 days since my last Comodo installation… :wink:


Well the Project Leader for CAV has been off for last 3 weeks busy getting married and going on his honeymoon! :slight_smile:

He will be back next week, hopefully then we will be able to give you a timeline. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! But don’t tell my wife honeymoons are supposed to last 3 weeks… because if she feels shorted and applies compound interest over the past 15 years… I’m a dead man ;D

Too funny Daniel!

How come the first thing they do at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is stand up and say “my name’s Bob and I’m an alcoholic”?

Is it possible to start a self-help support group?


ewen :slight_smile:

I guess it shows they aren’t in denial. Go for it Ewen, confess your Comodo obsession :smiley:

There is only one way to find out :wink:

If someone walked up to you and said “You’re in denial”, but you weren’t, what would you say? :smiley: