about AVG free linkscanner

anyone is using this tool ?
is it a good idea to install it or i can stay with comodo and kav 2010 ?
i see there’s also web security guard,
wich one seems better for you ?
the best GUI, fast, all options needed, easy to remove,
and can they really improve my security when i surf the WEB as i’m allready running Comodo FW,D+ and AV scanner(disabled, only used to scan files i can dl on my machine) + KAV 2010 set on highest security for all that comes from the WEB. i left the realtime files scanner to low setting, this way, the machine keeps a fast reactivity. scan on demand is set also to the highest level available. i like this AV for the very low false/positive it gives. comodo becomes better on this point but i had 3 false-pos on 3 exe installers that were signed and safe at 100%. but that’s not a drama, i had so many false-pos in the past with comodo, that now only 3 is really nothing.

IMO AVG LinkScanner better than WSG, Because LS are more trusted than WSG.
And Comodo Firewall aren’t compatible with KAV.

yes, when you have comodo installed, the KAV installer shows a message that you must uninstall comodo first to install KAV, but that’s ■■■■ infos cause i’m running comodo with kav for 2 years now and i never had any problem.
so when kav is not installed as comodo is allready, when i have the kav message to uninstall comodo, i just clic on the back button of the installer then with regedit i export the uninstall keys of comodo, thats where KAV looks to check wich programs are installed on your system,
so after i saved my uninstall comodo registry, i delete this comodo folder keys then i just clic on next on the kav installer and voila, the install continues.
i use only comodo FW and Defense+, i don’t use the AV, but it’s completely possible, except it’s better to not run the 2 real time scanners at the same time. you just have to disable the comodo AV but you can use it to scan any file or folder with the right clic, what is a good new, like that u can scan a file with KAV and Comodo. maybe u can do the same in the other way without prob, u disable the real time protection of KAV and enable the real time protection of comodo AV.
but i don’t know why, i always liked KAV, i use it for a very long time. but i dont like KIS, comodo FW and Defense+ are way better than what’s on KIS.

The AVG Link Scanner is good, when it’s servers are up. When the servers are having problems, your browser slows to a crawl. I tried it and uninstalled it after that happened.

why is avg linkscanner good?

what does it do for you?

I would like to learn pls…

I would like to learn pls..
Some people like to see the visual effects that it's working, just like Comodo Verification Engine. You see the green line. With the linkscanner, when looking at the search results you'll either see a green star or a red "x". <--- People that are not computer savy, Would like to see a (good or bad mark) in the search results. The key thing is visual

http://linkscanner.avg.com/ <------you can see the pictures here

That’s the reason why :-TU

It works like Siteadvisor, MyWot, Trendprotect and Web Security guard
Linkscanner won’t install toolbar when you’re surfing. (You can manually setup to ignore they toolbar)

But it just scanning link result from search result in search engine.

https://forums.comodo.com/melihs-corner-ceo-talkdiscussionsblog/a-new-ve-kind-of-t7723.0.html I spoke to you about the very same type of thing way back in April 4th 2007 Melih. :-TD

From way back then.

Oh and B.T.W. finjin secure browsing is better http://securebrowsing.finjan.com/

I just thought of something the only good thing about link scanner free is that you can scan a site url on demand. Finjan does not offer that. Link scanner is very buggy tho, add to it problems with it’s auto updates. Too many con’s for only one pro.

I tried a Free version of Prevx SafeOnline, it works very bad on windows 7 64bit, i had to uninstall it.
it works fine on xp 32bit.
it looks like the best one to check if websites are secure or not and the settings can block all possibilities to have your machine corrupted by an infected webpage.
but in my case, as i use windows 7 64bit with KAV 2010, the webscanner of KAV is very good and can protect my surf.
or the ultimate solution is using Firefox 3.6 with 2 add-ons, adblock plus and noscript.
I don’t know a better solution actually than using FF with those 2 add-ons.
NoScript can be used alone but what is cool is as NoScript is blocking all, u see not even one image or ad but instead u see the url, so u can add the url to adblock plus, then your pages appear without the NoScript box with the blocked object and the url. the result is 100% clean webpages.

AVG LinkSkaner works in real time, like a web shield. It slows your browsing a bit and its effectiveness depends on the product’s quality, wich may be debatable.

SiteAdvisor goes through each site; and that means it may be a several months time span between the present visit and the next one.

WOT depends on user ratings, wich may be suspect, but they monitor it quite well.

All things considered, I’ve gave a go to all; and I’ll stick with WOT.