About Antivirus Comodo -my test

At first,sorry for my English.I hope you will understand me :)I found site www.vx.netlux.org and i
strongly recomend Comodo team to create definitions about everyone virus from these RICH colection!!! I tested Antivirus and my impressions are-in this moment i cannot tell good about heuristic,sorry.On-access scanner found viruses,but On-demand scaner sees NOTHING!!! in the same files >:(What i have to think about it? So,the start is good,but the way is long!
My best regards.

CAV is a beta version with 53% rate.

I am sure at least at the end of the year 2007 CAV will be a very good AV.


I’ve tested today, the program have serious bugs problems, don’t want to turn off the options at main screen, the scan system is too slow and is hard to uninstall it

My CAVS Build Version is: