abnormal use of cpu with ctm

hi everyone sorry 4 my english, i’m an italian developer and i use ctm in my personal workstation (hp xw-6200 with vista 64 ultimate 2x xeon 2x hd 500gb 4mb ram) is one day that my workstation is low, contolling my task manager and monitoring the services the system tell’s me that the usage of cpu is 100% and a service Cleaner_validator.exe is the guilty, so i’ve checked and it is linked to comodo system cleaner service, if i stop the service all run perfectly, someone have an idea for resolve my problem?

p.s. i’ve shrinked and reindexed the snapshots about 10 times before run the system.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums.

This is a CSC problem not a CTM. Since CSC uses way to much cpu I suggest you uninstall it and come back when CSC 3.1 is out.

Make sure that you don’t have RAID on and you don’t use True Crypt or any alike.

Valentin N

thx valentin, after i’ve posted i’ve seen that was csc and not ctm, i’ll open another question on ctm about a warning of low space on hd even if drive c has 173 gb free on 465gb total and drive d has 122gb free on 465 total, ??? p.s. the ctm suggest me to delete snapshots but i’ve only 1 user’s snapshot and one baseline (standard after installation of ctm), ???

any idea ?


which version ctm do you use? I suggest you download that 2.9b; I have done some tests and it seems to be more stable than the 2.8.

Make sure you don’t have RAID on, if you use one of the HDD as backup or where your files are stored please make sure to have the HDD where the OS is installed, marked

Valentin N

hi, i’ve checked the version is 2.8, where may i download the rel 2.9b?

in the beta corner


i have read all over that 2.9 is a lot more stable then 2.8
i used it for a short time and had no problems at all.
install/unistall went smooth


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