Ability to tell if a website is allowing password saving.

CD won’t ask me to remember the password for certain sites, I was told it’s because the site doesn’t allow it. So I thought it would be nice if there was a little icon that would appear on sites or login pages that does not allow password saving. As of now I often wonder if it’s a CD bug, or site restriction when I can’t save the password.

Hi Maniak2000,
In most cases it would be site related or at least by design for security reasons on certain sites, but I do agree that an informative notification as to why it is disabled would be helpful. :-TU

The reason why I’m suggesting this is because curently I can’t get CD to remember password for vk.com site. I’ve been told it’s because site or security restrictions, but I know it saved the password before. It feels like CD will ask to remember the password whenever it wants. There are several “entrances” to the site much like this forum, to use this forum as an example, you can login from the top panel (screenshot 1), let’s call it entrance 1. Then if you enter the wrong username \ password you’ll be taken to seperate page where you can try again (screenshot 2) let’s call that entrance 2. Now back to vk.com sometimes it will ask to save the password when using entrance 1 and other times it will do that for entrance 2, not 1.

I hope it’s not too confusing. What I’m getting at is at that site it just randomly asks if I want to save the password or not, and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to remember passwords for that site…

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It does appear to be a little random at times.
I guess trying other installed browsers (Especially other Chromium based browsers) if possible and compare the results.