ability to start the service manually ,to avoid issues

i run comodo 3 and i like it
well it could be great to have the service that can run manually
i mean i run comodo , it loads the service
i shut down comodo it shuts down the service

i think this could be great to avoid issues with the others programs

too often i see conflits between security software
in the majority of the case this could help

Well in your case, to disable the service through the program to avoid conflicts? Well CFP is a stand alone firewall, so the only other software CFP would conflict with is another firewall, and we all know you should NEVER install more then one firewall.

yes it does
i found some conflicts with threatfire

would be this feature added?

That is because Threatfire, and COMODO’s D+ module are both proactive modules, and would conflict due to how involved TF and D+ are with the OS. Disabling the service from the application dosn’t seem viable, as it would give malware a chance to disable the firewall directly from the interface.

No, this feature will never be added, and for a very sound reason.

If YOU can turn it off, so can malware.

Also, it places a reliance on the user to turn it back and we all know how reliable us humans are. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

yes but i get so many crashes , i 'm sure i’m more exposed to malware
there is nothing worse that software conflits!
in some case the antivirus are not able to detect virii
in some case the firewalls are not able to catch the process the send out information

Get rid of threatfire and you wont have crashes.