Ability To Enter A Key-Combination To Kill All Full Screen Application [M1344]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Currently if a malware locks the screen with CIS installed, often the only way that users can get around this is to restart the computer.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
The idea is that if the computer has been locked by malware, such as ransomware, CIS would provide the ability to click a few buttons on your keyboard to kill all applications which are locking the screen, which would include the ransomware.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Because when you CIS encounter ransomware then maybe with a few keystrokes close the ransomware. This will be very helpful as it is not possible for CIS to detect all ransomware, and although many methods for them to lock the screen are protected by CIS, it will always be possible for something to somehow get past and lock the screen. Thus, this feature would be very helpful.

4. Any other information:
A function similar to this is included in Tiranium Internet Security:

Known issues : here & here & here.

I would tend to agree with qmarius. It would be better to prevent apps from being able to do this to begin with than to make a way to close it once it has taken over. Thus, as there are already bug reports, which I believe handle every aspect of this Wish, I am not sure where to go from here.

zbc, what are your thoughts on this matter?


My point is simply this, that was to protect the lock screen from lock computer and encrypt files by ransomware. :wink:

Sorry, I had missed this reply. If you had wanted CIS to be better protected from malware which can lock the screen, then would you agree that those bug reports already submitted essentially already cover this? In that case, would you also agree that this wish can be moved to Rejected, as bug reports are already submitted?


I can not point out errors, just wanted to point out to add protection against ransomware

In that case, would you still like to submit this Wish for voting?


Thank you. I edited your first post and the title. I also saved a quoted copy of the original. However, if everything looks correct please let me know and I will remove the original.


Ok, it may be :wink:

I have now edited the poll. Does it also look correct?

Also, please note that all votes have been reset as the Wish has changed slightly, as has the wording. Please vote once more.


Thank you for submitting this Wish Request. I have now moved this to the WAITING AREA.

Please be sure to vote for your own wish, and for any other wishes you also support. It is also worthwhile to vote against wishes you think would be a waste of resources, as implementing those may slow down the wishes you would really like to see added.

Thanks again.

Thx :-TU :-TU

I would like to thank everyone who has voted on this particular enhancement. As this wish has accumulated the necessary 15 points I have added this to the tracker for consideration by the devs. However, do note that even though this wish will be considered by the devs, it does not necessarily mean that it will be implemented. I will update this topic when I have any additional information.

Thank you.

Upon further inspection, it seems that this wish request was rated as “TooLowValue” with the observation that it’s a rare case and too much effort would be spent for such little benefit.

I will move this report to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.

Ransomware is often infects computers.