A zillion problems (was: Email Folders Scanning) -- IS CSE DISCONTINUED??

Hi forum & Comodo team,

I tried to get my email folders scanned by CSE, but to no avail. After installing CSE and restarting Thunderbird, I was not prompted by CSE whether I would like to scan my inbox. Instead, nothing happened.

Thus, two questions:

  • Can I manually invoke an email folders scan, and how?
  • What does CSE do when scanning my email folders – will it permanently decrypt any encrypted mail it finds?

Thanks already for advice,
Regards David.P

Windows XP 32 Bit
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.6 with POP mail access
CSE installed in Network Level Mode


Anyone so kind as to help with this issue?


PS: …and please make dialog boxes resizable since unfortunately CSE is not compatible with higher screen resolutions and respective Windows display DPI settings as can be seen here:

PPS: …why would I get the above message at all? I just installed a brand new certificate for the first of the two recipients in the CSE certificate manager (and I can see that it is there). It has the form of name[at]company.com.cer, and it works without problem when used for sending mail directly using Thunderbird S/MIME (without CSE).

PPPS:… and why is it that I can’t seem to have more than one Certificate in “Other People’s Certificates”:

…when at the same time I have lots and lots of Certificates of other people in the Certificate Manager?

When I try and import someone’s Certificate from the “Other People’s Certificates” screen, I always get a success message – but then, the imported Certificate still is not shown (and doesn’t seem to be usable for encryption either).

??? :-\ ???

Even more Problems and questions.

ComodoSE.exe starts three dozen times – what the heck…!??

I DO have a certificate for this mail address! And it IS installed in the CSE Certificate Manager! So what’s the point with this message…?

Actually – regarding these zillion problems, and as no one from Comodo seems to care replying with some help: HAS THIS PRODUCT BEEN DISCONTINUED?

THANKS! already for information.

Very disappointed,

I don’t think it’s discontinued.

No it hasn’t but it seemingly has a reaaaaaaly low priority, still waiting for a few features to get implemented also :-\

So if no one from the company cares to answer even any of my questions – could you guys at least TELL YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO JUST GO AWAY ???

So that I can CLOSE the unpleasant chapter “COMODO” for me personally, and go and look elsewhere?


Was ein toter Saftladen hier.

:-TD :-TD :-TD