A Voip program like skype, voipbuster, etc.

Melih have you thought of making a VOIP program? I think that a lot of comodo users use Voip to comunicate with their friends and their family. I would be glad to use a comodo Voip instead of Skype or voipbuster and maybe other members would like to use it also . I think that it could be a nice revenue from the users that like your free products and want to support you.

VoIP calling provides low international rates at high connection quality. Start your own VoIP business or transfer your current VoIP business to UWT.


I prefer COMODO concentrate in security products.

The most popular program for VoIP in Europe is Skype. … But it uses several proprietary codecs, and the Gizmo Project client is closed source like Skype. by: Call Center Software