A virus from a website.

when I found MLA cover page on the [URL Removed by Mod], my computer becomes break.
Please have a look at.
or maybe I got virus from other websites…
I am not good at computer.

edit: URL removed by Mod. Suspected stealth spam (nothing wrong with the cited site). kail

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

I suggest you download Malwarebytes, update it and make a quick scan. Tell us what it says later :slight_smile:

I made some research and the website itself was clean.

Did you download something?

Valentin N

Hi, I’ll be glad to help you through this. :wink:
First, you’re going to want to download Hitman Pro from this site and give it a whirl. If it finds something please report the results here before you clean anything.
What symptoms of a virus did your computer display?
Did you have any other open tabs at the time of the infection? If so, then what were they? What browser were you using?
Please reply here as soon as it is convenient to you.

I don’t think you got anything from the link you posted. Seems to be part of Amazon with no obvious problem.

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