A Universal Instant Messenger (Like Digsby) or Universal Messenger Protection

Ok incase no one knows about Digsby it is a Universal Messenger that offers all the main instant messaging services (AIM, YAHOO, MSN, etc). It also include social networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn) that not only allows you to get updates to your status on those sites (Messages, Friends Requests, etc) but also allows you to login to those sites. Another thing it offers is Webmail and Pop Email support. The Webmail part allows you to check your messages then either respond or go to the site, while the pop email works like an Email Client (ala Thunderbird or Outlook).

Now why should Comodo either make their own version of a Digsby instant messenger or protection for it?

  1. There needs to be a way to scan emails, links, file transfers and other requests before the user has a chance to click accept. Most viruses and other malware from instant messaging comes from this feature.

  2. There needs to be a sandboxing feature for the social networking parts to allow the user to safely login in, get their messages and such without fear they could be hacked or get a virus or another form of malware.

  3. There also needs to be encrypted login to allow people to safely and securely login into their Instant Messaging accounts without fear someone could steal that information.

These three things are always the problem with Instant Messaging and no one offers a solution to the Universal Messenger users and only slight protection for the AIM, MSN, And YIM Messenger users. I believe Instant Messenger Safety should be the next step in Comodo’s goal to make the internet safe.

  1. Welcome to AntiVirus/Defense+, In order for a file/malware to get on your machine it needs to access 2 things or one out of two, which is the disk or ram/memory… which CIS does protect/prevent … No need for this…

  2. Firewall will protect against the “hacked” part, and Defense/Antivirus will be for the second part…

  3. encrypted login is supposed to be on the “server” end not the users…
    As i understand the third one would be the only reason… but Comodo EasyVPN i believe will/might have these features to login MSN and other network accouts (This is a Maybe not sure yet)