A task that doesn't exist.

Windows 10 EDU 64bits here. Latest CIS installed.
When I open the task scheduler it tells me that {31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3} task doesn’t exist. I can’t find it anywhere except from the task folder at System32, deleting the file doesn’t solve the problem. I know it’s related with Comodo. Any clue to fix it? Thanks.

It’s cistray loading and I wouldn’t keep deleting it yet

Scheduled tasks

The task '{31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3}' runs on logon in the path '\{31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3}'
Entry path '\{31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3}'

Startup files (all users) run
Runs under the registry key ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run’

'COMODO Internet Security' → C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cistray.exe

Scheduled tasks startups
Set to load on user login (bypasses Windows UAC if enabled)

Login entry path '\{31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3}'

Is it normal the task scheduler telling it doesn’t exist?

CisTray.exe is automatically launched at startup through a scheduled task with the class {31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3}

Is everything starting up as it should?

It’s starting as it should but there’s no string. I can see the file and the register key but the task scheduler doesn’t show it and tells it doesn’t exist when I open it.

Can you post a view of what the Task Scheduler is showing

As you can see, there’s no string with that name.

First thing - check that none of the Comodo tasks (I have 6 listed) is running the cistray.exe, by checking the properties of each one

If it’s loading, you should find that a different string is loading it.

If not you can create a new task with that original name, it will change in any case in the Task Scheduler once created

The string I have in the Tasks under System32 actually bore no resemblance to the path in which I had installed CIS and would appear to take the default path settings, from a previous install perhaps. Once I created the new task to check, the xml file in Tasks was updated with the correct location


I also have 6 showing and the one running cistray.exe is COMODO Autostart {D5EFF3B3-E126-4AF6-BCE9-852A72129E10}. I guess the {31DDBD37-5DB7-4030-8064-10B0CAA806C3} might be a leftover from a previous installation. Maybe I can delete it after a backup and test.

You could delete it, once you’ve double checked everything.

Once gone from the Library it vanishes from the Tasks folder also as a separate file. Also get rid of any empty old CIS xml files there.
All the up to date strings should be in the Comodo folder in Tasks

I’ll do it and get back to you with the results. Thanks for your help.

No problem. You can match the properties of the new task (if you need to create one) with the others there, so they’re similar on Users and details etc.

Sorry for the delay. I erased the registry key and the file inside task folder related do this task. So far everything is normal.

Sounds good -everything should be fine now and old files gone

Thanks a lot for your help. I hope this topic can help more users.