A system-Snapshot Device

I’d like to see a System Snapshot program
that will allow users to take various Snapshots of their System
(mainly snapshots of the H.D. where the OS is installed).
Most importantly, users should be able to go back-and-forth to these Snapshots.
I am Not talking about a Drive Image solution,
but I would like C-O-M-O-D-O to develop a Freeware
like AyRecovery, EAZ-FIX, Rollback Rx etc.

I think that Instant System Recovery (ISR) software is the last line of defense.

I heard that a feature called “Time Machine” will be included in CIS.

When is this going to happen?
Is it for sure?

Right now only the staff know when it’s going to happen. But yes, Time Machine - a snap shot program - is for sure. :slight_smile:

This would be great. really great

I don’t think Time Machine (or whatever it ends up being called) will be incorporated into CIS. I’m pretty sure it will be a standalone application.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hmm…there will be something in CIS. Whether it is CTM or not…who knows

:THNK :comodorocks:

Actually we have decided to offer our Time machine both as integrated into CIS as well as CTM stand alone application.

fingers crossed we can bring it to you guys shortly (small number of months).


June/July? :slight_smile: (Off topic, I imagine BoClean Memory Scanner & CIMA Heuristics will be before this).


I hope your term of stand-alone means being able to run CIS and CTM separately without any interaction between the two. A certain amount of integration is fine, but I would rather see CTM
by itself totally independent of CIS while at the same time being able to run CIS too. To clarify, will we
be a able to run both CTM and CIS as separate entities?



This sure is great news. So that will be v5? :wink:


That’s good new, thanks

To sum up,

Comodo Time Machine
will be offered as:

-Stand-Alone application

-Integrated in Comodo Internet Security version 4 (i.e. CIS 4.0).

During June/July 2009, we will see this happening.

I hope I got it right…

I always knew you’d finally make my dreams come true… ;D

Comodo Time Machine, soon it’ll be true! 88)

I’ll make them engrave this one into my very gravestone when it’s time to go… :a0

Thanks, Melih, for finally allowing me to having contributed something reasonable here! :o

Now, ol’ REBOL is really, really proud of himself, and you of course, my old friend… :wink:

the GUI work has now started to finalise CTM. Of course we are still few months away from it but its looking good :slight_smile:


It’ll definitely HAVE TO look good. :slight_smile:

But, Melih, is there any possibility it’ll be named after ol’ REBOL me? (Understatement, I know, hehe…)



Something like: Comodo Rebol Time Machine (CRTM)?

I don’t really think Carl would vote against that.

I know him rather well.

If not…well… have a beer with me anyway?



Well, if not…

I won’t complain.
I feel no pain.

The REBOL. :slight_smile: