A strange firefox behavior?

XP Pro SP3, FF 3.6, Noscript and Adblock Plus, CIS V3.

If i connect e.g. at:
and want to copy the “antirobot” number in order to validate, no way in FF (false number, type again).
Same if i do it again after Noscript and Adblock are disabled.

Works with xp default IE6 (i never use it, no protection whatsoever).

What’s the trick?

There seem to be no external scripts used for this number verifier. So allowing NoScript on this page should be sufficient…
Did you try to clear the cache? or maybe this number is only once valid, once NoScript re-loads it could be unvalid?

Did you try to clear the cache?

No, but might be an idea for the next similar request on another site: for this one, it is too late as i asked IE to do the job.

I tried with FF first allowing cookies and noscript for the said page and, as it did not work, after disabling noscript, closing FF and restarting it for the same (lack) of result.

The last “culprit” of course could be comodo itself, altough i did not find any log, and since IE is not protected by any rule.

FF Comodo rules are standard for browser (only a dns rule added for the dns ip of my isp), and only one standard deny all rule at bottom, that didn’t log anything, and global deny/log rules for various icmp requests.

IE was of course “intercepted” by Comodo when ii used it as, usually never using it, i have no IE Comodo rule.

I don’t think it has something to do with the Firewall rules, this is typical behavior for a “to secure” browser, or bad web code that is only tested for example on IE browsers…