A solution for full screen applications that needs network

Hello there!

First day with Comodo Firewall, old ZA user…

I have a small question/request and I hope I am not reposting some old over discussed thing.

Is there a way to make the firewall adapt to a full screen application (yes I am talking mostly about games) and not to “lock” the system? In ZA was the same issue and AFAIK it was never solved completly (that full screen mode was a strange derail from security line IMHO).

After getting somehow sick of issues with the old firewall I have used, I tried Sygate before Comodo and I actualy liked the way it handled that particular aspect. If I couldn’t respond to the question because of the full screen application, it didn’t blocked the thing from running but it gave deny access by default and after exiting the application the pop up window was still there waiting for my answer.

I know I can add a application known to make this problem to the list manualy but, sometimes I forget to do it. Today after installing Comodo I started for a test Battlefield 2 (the game :slight_smile: ) and I had to reset my machine.

Maybe something like the sygate approach? Or someway of asigning a keyboad combination for allow or deny? Or a timeout?

If this thing have a solution based on RTFM I appologise and thank you for the time you take to explain.


I know there was a lot of hubbub about this last year. I think I remember seeing some sort of solution, but it never really stuck with me as I’m not a gamer. I’ll poke around and see if I find anything. If you don’t hear something from me in a few days, PM me to make sure I didn’t forget… :wink:


Roger, thanks for reply.

https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,5706.0.html Here’s one thread. Sukarof notes that an Alt/Tab gets him out of the full screen to the popup.

There has been some discussion of the use of keyboard shortcuts to Allow or Deny, and it has been considered a security risk, because such things can be simulated by malware, to get by the firewall. I will keep digging.

Also, this thread https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,5099.0.html has pre-determined rules for various games; one of the Mods is trying to get this info together in one spot to benefit gamers.


Thanks for your research.

I think a default deny acces after a timeout without user response but with the choice (the pop up) still visible would be the best solution.
The problem is not that the applications does not have the acces to network but because it has no answer to its querry. A default “acces denied” would be good even from security point of view. The timeout could be a variable adjustable by user or a default 5 seconds… or a combination of the two: a default 5 seconds timeout editable later by the user.

You can control the timing…

Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous. Look for the little box “How long should an alert remain on the screen if left unanswered?” You can set the timelimit there. If it’s not responded to, it will be blocked. This should be a temporary block, just for that session, and there should be a log entry (probably for Application Monitor, given the scenario) which will help in creating the necessary rules.

Hope that helps,


Thanx, I saw that setting and I had let it on 120 seconds initialy. I didn’t understand at first that it solves the problem almost completly. Heh… bad attention I supose. Thanks a lot for your help! Now is 7 seconds (:NRD)

Sometimes a second set of eyes helps… :wink:

Glad that has improved the situation. If you have any more questions, just let us know; we’ll be happy to help.

As for this scenario, have we covered your initial question to your satisfaction? Is there any part of it that remains unanswered?