A slight incident that has left me confused

This morning while I was browsing around the internet, I went to check my firewall logs due to… other annoyances. Anyways, looking through i found a really odd entry with firefox and port 1214 (see attached). I’m not entirely sure what happened there. From what I can tell this was just normal internet noise from port scans, but why did it hit firefox instead of WOS?

This isn’t so much a problem since it occurred this one time, the particular IP stopped scanning, and things have resumed with WOS (though at an increase activity level with 1214, but that’s probably just due to an increase in bot activity or something), I’m grateful if anyone could provide any insight to what happened there.

p.s all the hits for the log are directed at port 1214. I just edited out the destination address and port to reduce size and time editing.

[attachment deleted by admin]