A security question, if you will.

For all those members out there still running Windows 7 and 8.1,
With all the features and protected areas CIS gives us, how many of you are still receiving the GWX upgrade notice?
How often are you receiving it?
What have you attempted to do to resolve the issue on your computer?

Thank you for replying.

im on win 7 64bit and i receive almost everyday that upgrade notice.
i dont know if a security program like comodo or any other vendor could stop this.
It comes through windows updates and nd there remains… :frowning:
An i dont have time to search on the internet for this.

I’ve actually gone back to Windows 8.1 (from Windows 10). I uninstalled and hid update KB3035583 and I’ve never been bothered by the update nag again.

Staying with win 7, and also hide the kb3035583 update.
Added to registry:

RegDWord Disable GWX Value “1”

Might work too.

I have used the insight from https://www.infopackets.com/news/9664/how-remove-your-upgrade-windows-10-ready to stop the download and the GWX notification.

Other than that I make sure to check the KB articles of the non security updates each month to make sure I won’t be installing the GWX related updates. I then hide the GWX related update(s). Read the articles carefully because the language is slightly veiled.

I used DWS Lite once. And all those nags and nasty telemetry updates are gone…