A review of Comodo Cleaning Essentials



The major utilization of KillSwitch that is arising in my mind is as a second scanner (opinion) for running processes. You can run it side by side with any other antivirus. But it should alert the user about the processes. Ok, it won’t be on access, but the results of the cloud would be great and if the user is alerted about the verdict.

that would be D+

That’s nice and informative review. :-TU

Would it ever be a version of one file only and “force breach” startup like in hitman pro?
Other than that, it’s awesome! :-TU

What do you mean? That we can run D+ to get the verdict of the cloud?
Right now I’m using D+ only in a virtual environment and it’s working very good.

I also agree with this idea, If KillSwitch would start in force breach method then it would be really good addition in malware removal capability otherwise KS would just act like another fancy software(No offense please, I like KS but the above mention idea would be icing in the cake)

what does force breach do? can u pls explain. thx

from the hitman pro website: "We received feedback from users that were infected by nasty malware, in this case a Rogue Anti Virus program, that was preventing them to start any application. Which means that Hitman Pro could not be started either.

Every program that is started by the user, is terminated by the malware.

The development team introduced a “Force Breach” mode for Hitman Pro. Hold down the left CTRL-key when you start Hitman Pro and all non-essential processes are terminated, including the malware process."

so what do you guys want to see in KillSwitch?
a mode whereby u can start KillSwitch in a mode where only “Safe” processes are allowed to run and everything else is killed?

Here is quick explenation: How to start Hitman Pro in Force Breach mode - YouTube

so what do you guys want to see in KillSwitch? a mode whereby u can start KillSwitch in a mode where only "Safe" processes are allowed to run and everything else is killed?

CCE also. I’ve already e-mailed to Haibo Zhang who leads this projects? He told that he got this into consideration.

this is a necessity because there are so many rogues these days they block everything from running including killswitch and cce

Something similar was suggested a while ago in the usability forum:

Hmmm, I was playing with malware today, and nothing stopped Killswitch from running, including rouge AVs.
I had it running in the background, maybe that makes a difference?

However, when a Blackhole covers the screen you can’t click on the confirmation window that asks if you really want to terminate the process.
It would be nice to be able to press ‘enter’ rather than having to use that confirmation window.
Are there keyboard shortcuts that I’m not aware of?

yes this does makes a difference. try infecting a system with a rogue and then try and run killswitch if its like the rogues i have dealt with it wont always be able to run. sometimes i have luck if i right click and run as admin but not always

I would also suggest “live cd” of cce running in linux environment, for the worst case scenario…
Avira does it, Kaspersky does it [or is it pre-installed windows environment?!]; Symantec has that too, Dr. Web…

But focus on force breach should be priority, so that only critical processes remain running… :-TU