A replacement for Norton WinDoctor

(J) I have to say that Comodo overall is a great company with a solid Personal Firewall and an Antivirus that is getting better. Looking forward to when CAVS is out of Beta Phase.

I have done what I would consider an extensive search, and there isn’t a Free program that comes even close to the paid Norton Windoctor. There are plenty of for pay ones out there, and a couple that seem promising. The problem is, who is to say they don’t plant things to find on their demo products?

I think this type of program would be great as a good scan does help to speed up the computer. Unfortunitally, Norton is resource hungry and loves to slow the computer down. Removed Norton GoBack from a laptop and it was a noticible difference (BIG DIFFERENCE)!!

I didn’t go through all the threads to see if someone has posted this idea, but what I did scan through, haven’t seen any comments about it. So what does everyone and the personell at Comodo think? (:NRD)

Have you tried ‘Advanced Window Care Pro’?
Maybe it is what you are looking for. (:KWL)

I tried it a couple of weeks ago. It found some registry errors that my other reg-cleaners didn’t find. But it also made some “optimizing” of Windows that I didn’t ask for, so considering that it is a very comprehensive program (I’m a little doubtful to programs that aren’t specialized), I decided to uninstall it. But obviously it has recieved good ratings from the users on download.com, so it probably suits many people!


Hey LioniAquila, I know what you mean>
I usually ‘uncheck’ System Optimization and never Scan unattended ( meaning a scheduled scan behind the seen)
Also, one has the option to ‘view’ all found incongruencies/ errors before going ahead a clicking “Repair” (:KWL)

Looks promising, will give it a look-through. Would be nice to have more than one option. I think Comodo could make a rock solid version.

I’ve used Advanced windowscare for some time now and find it to be very stable and capable.Ccleaner is another freeware alternative.

Doesn’t WinDoctor do more than just fix the registry?