A removable storage device detected?.

??? I have been trying to test out Ctm to no avail. Firstly, Yesterday tried to install on Windows Vista 32 bit, and got “Ctm does not support simple volumes?”.That was that.

Today i had another go and got " A removable storage device is detected please remove". There is no removable device and John Buchanan mentioned this in his post.Got to be a bug.

As far as yesterday was concerned, i had been using returnil ( never again) and exited the program before attempting to uninstall returnil and then got the first message regards the simple volumes thing.I assume i should have uninstalled Returnil first rather then just exiting it as i dont get the aforementioned message now, just the second!.

Frustrating this, but havent seen any explanation from the devs yet to enlighten me as to why the removable device thing happens and whether there is anything that can be done at this stage.

Bulgroz mentioned it may be Dynamic disk or Raid, whatever they are. All i know is i am using a bog standard dual core Vista os with 2gig of ram out of the shop and no modifications.

Can the devs come up with the answer i wonder, and oh i have Cis installed without the av for now, and Avast beta 5 for the Av in real time as security.


Hi Dave,

Can you please tell how many USB ports your system has, and if there is any thing connected to them.
Like a printer, photo camera, webcam, cardreader etc…

Hi Ronny. I have 2 usb ports on my pc tower and nothing in them. I have a Printer connected at all times, but not through the usb ports.



Can you please check out this post and run the attached tool and post a bug report in the same thread?

COMODO Time Machine 2.1.116458.141 BETA Bug Reports