a rebuild of another popular browser

I’m honestly not sure what it would be called,
but I’d like a safer build of what I believe to be the most secure popular browser you can get. :slight_smile:
I’m talking about Opera

while I’ve made a light suggestion in this area, I’m making more of a harder suggestion due to my observations of Opera’s memory usage.
Opera kills IceDragon when it comes to memory efficiency. :wink:

and a rebuild of the safest popular browser with even safer additions would make this browser probably the safest browser on the net. :smiley:

my memory is a little sparce, but I do believe Opera can handle chrome extensions,
aside from it’s chrome-like feel with a few conveniences toward protection. :slight_smile:

if you guys can get your hands on the src (I can prbly help if you can’t),
with your knowledge about internet security, you could make this the top browser. :wink:

also, for the color of the icon, you’ve got red and blue, so how bout green :3
with the name perhapse being “Comodo Dark Dragon”.

IDK… I’m pulling that off my Dark Pikachu ava XDD

I really hope to see this though. :slight_smile:

Are you referring to rebuilding the “old” Opera with its own Presto engine or the new Opera using the Chromium engine? The new Opera can handle the Chrome extensions where the old Opera cannot.

oh, that I didn’t know…

I was referring to the old opera, as it seems to work better… heh
so where I heard it works with chrome plugins was the new opera, now I can see where I got confuzed… heh

I’m using Opera 12.17 as we speak…
the newer version seems to have page-loading issues on allowed pages after cranking up the security to the max. (my forum being one of them)
but the older one works more than well :slight_smile:
it just needs a good implementation of allowed subdomain urls such as [*.]proboards.com

it’s convenient cause you don’t have to go into the settings every time to copy the URL to 3-4 separate exception places.
Opera gives you a dialog when a page is not allowed. :wink:

Sticking to the old Opera with the Presto engine. It’s the Swiss army knife browser; the wheel that does not need to be reinvented; a musical master piece instead of starting your own shyty irrelevant extensions based punk band … 8)

so… you’re saying what you guys could do to it in terms of security is no different than what’s already been done to it??
I mean, it IS the most secure well-known browser, but even for that, I’d say Dragon beats it,
which to me is a rebuild of the most unsecure browser taken to top-level security. :slight_smile:

in my experience with browsers (that I’ve used) in terms of security:

I hear IE10+ has improved security to be more secure than IE8, but:

  • I can’t use them
  • I now don’t care to use them (after hearing how horrible IE is ActiveX-wise)

what I’ve demonstrated in the security graph above is excluding ActiveX…
but really, I think MS should get off the market after the horrible OS and software releases…
(heck, even the horrible console release who’s name should not be mentioned)

MS wants your freedom… ALL of it…
I don’t trust not a single thing by MS anymore…
they are screaming to take your freedom…

I hope I’m not the only one who sees this >_>
heck Apple is better than MS to me, and I even hate them. XD

in terms of memory efficiency (only from what I’ve analyzed):

The most secure browser debate, will go on for as long as life form exists and will never be truly solved. :wink:
They can all claim the title, but in all seriousness opinions are not hard evidence of their claims.
If it was to be possible (Which it isn’t) to create a fully functional truly most secure browser ever, the creator would monopolize the market overnight. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

sounds like another project that’s just up my alley. XD

^ not joking

Hi Tcll,
Directly behind all new technology is always someone looking for and ready to exploit any new founded vulnerabilities.
What is secure today may not be secure tomorrow, it is a never ending quest. :slight_smile:

that, and the fact that new threats, that don’t rely on current safety methods, pop up every day. ;D

I know my stuff. :wink:
tbh, I’ve been wanting to build my own secure, self-adapting, global-knowledge-based, browser for a few years now. :slight_smile:
(people have actually been rooting for me to do it)

why I havn’t yet is… well…
1: (old image. new interface isn’t finished, and doesn’t have a GLSL window yet)


^ and for this:

I’m on my own with these… I’m still teaching my “team” how to code.

I have a few more projects I’d like to tackle though, but if nothing changes, I AM already fueled to build my own browser. :slight_smile:

Hi Tcll,
First up, I am in no way doubting or challenging you knowledge. :slight_smile:
I am just posting some freindly thoughts of my own, which may or may not benefit you.

In my opinion, the actual building of a browser is the smallest of steps required.
Maintaining the browser is a much greater step to accomplish.

If a product is intended to be released to public, the financial backing required can be huge.
There are design patent regulations to look into, insurances and numerous other unforeseen or complicated legalities involved.

I do wish you sincere good fortune with the browser and your other mentioned projects as it will be a long hard journey. :-TU

Kind regards.

Edit: BTW I am on your side and I am not against anyone wanting to progress forward.

many thanks :slight_smile:

sorry if I sound like a total dousch-face btw… I deal with alot of hard-A’s… heh :stuck_out_tongue:
(people who I end up slapping in the face)

you guys are very friendly :slight_smile:
perhapse the friendliest outside forum I’ve been on. ;D
I hope you guys never lose that quality. :wink:

also, one thing to look around…
yes patents are very strict, but it’s only an exception…
just because “I” designed “this method” doesn’t mean someone else didn’t already.
thus, I don’t call myself out on it other than to say “I designed this version in this code I wrote myself”.
I take no credit for the same design someone else wrote in their program. :wink:

buuut whole monetization thing aside, I prefer to work for free.
so I think that gets me out of the lake of flaming gas before I get caught in the fire,
but I’m still wet with a few things that could backfire and cause the tiniest spark that could set me ablaze. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways… thanks for your support. :-TU

if you guys would like any ideas for some improvements to whatever, feel free to ask me :wink:
(I’m usually good at finding the stuff most people overlook)

Thanks Tcll,
I agree we are all part of a friendly community, the Comodo Community based support Forum.
Thanks given to all members. :-TU

Kind regards.

may I make one more push towards this browser’s development :slight_smile:

I’ve just recently had an issue with Nitrous.io pinpointing CID as the cause.
the same issue also happens with Chatango.
the issue is cookies on those pages aren’t being remembered…

Opera displays a dialog which allows a user to allow or block specific cookies which are passed through a web action…
at least Dragon is smart enough to detect which cookies are bad, but this alone isn’t as reliable as what Opera offers…
IceDragon… where’s my access??
^this is exactly why I rate FF as having the 2nd-worst security of the popular browsers.
(IE9 can be excluded (pushing FF from 3rd to 2nd) as most (if not all) people have updated)

I still think you guys should make a rebuild and give Opera your security, especially your DNS and malware blockers if anything. :slight_smile:
(again, Opera is only the safest of all the popular browsers… you guys make the safest browsers in all of them) :wink:

this only applies to the presto engine, which I don’t think is being worked on after the 12.17 update…
but don’t quote me on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Opera wants to stop on 12x development… heh

if you guys are already working on this,
please tell me so I’ll shut up and stop bugging you. XD

as long as it’s in development, I can wait years for it’s release. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: (uncovered topic)
why do I rate chrome as having the worst security of all popular browsers?
like IE9, Chrome lies to you when you’re browsing the web…
even with security turned on (of whatever security it DOES have), Chrome doesn’t care about your compy,
it wants your virus software to catch everything.
I don’t trust chrome after 6 trojans destroyed my compy only after a few weeks worth of google searches.
(simply being on a google search page can get you infected)

I’m sure by now though that google has up’d their security a bit, making this browser better than IE9…
but I’m never gonna let chrome have it’s trophy after what it did.

I hate chrome, and I hate FF…
after hearing that Opera is using the chromium engine… I’m not so sure I like the later builds…
I know the developers would fix the mistakes made by google devs at least…

but anyways, there’s my knowledge for ya.