A Purge and/or Remove button in Unblock Application List [M1544] [M1840]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Currently the unblocked application list has absolutely no way of removing anything from the list, whether it be old files already moved from your computer, or just applications you don’t want in the list anymore as manually settings may of already been applied.

The only way to removed anything from the unblock application list as of now is to completely unblock an application, which adds it to every exclusion in every CIS component. Then say you only wanted it unblocked from certain components or not unblocked at all but just removed from the list, then you need to go through manually and remove it and any other applications you unblocked from the exclusion of any component you don’t want them in.

Not even the clear all logs button clears this list.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
There be a remove and/or a purge button in the unblock application list, so if a user wishes to remove any applications from the list, or just remove any applications that are no longer existent on the computer, they can do so using the remove or purge button.

Optional but not necessary, but the clear all logs button to clear the unblock application list as well, seeing as it clears every other list but not this one.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
As of now it is a pain to remove an application from the list, especially if there is a number of applications in the list without actually unblocking the application from every component of CIS.
Some people such as myself don’t like lists being taken up full of applications that no longer exist anymore, or that have no purpose of being there even if you don’t want it unblocked.

Please make a simple way to clear this list since is really confusing for normal user to see suspicous files AFTER we already remove them. Thanks !

Please add this. Right now is a pain to manage the blocked application list.

This is also being considered in next major release. We agree with the suggestions.

I concur that this feature be made a priority update as newbies like myself to CFW might be inclined to Unblock a program just to clear it from the list, and then open the door to possible malware if we were not familiar with the program that is listed.

Lack of a purge button really defeats the purpose of focusing attention on a legitimate program that might be malware and should not be run, and removed.

That’s right, you have to do something about it.

You can expect this feature available in Sep, 2017 release.

Any RC Candidate stable enough to try to see this feature at work?

Not yet

This is now implemented in CIS beta and newer. Moving to added wishes.