A programm similar to Abtrusion Protector

I would love to see a program similar to Abtrusion Protector http://www.abtrusion.com/Downloads/appersonal.asp .

What Abtrusion Protector does? Prevents malware or any other software that you have not personally installed on to the system, from running. It is extremly usefull especially for protecting from virus, dialers, worms, troians, etc. that are new and not identified by the antivirus or other programs as dangerous. Better prevent than cure :stuck_out_tongue:


Its been a dream for me to build “The Application” to protect the PC. Now, As a Security Architect, the way I see Malware is a code that fights for CPU time. How does a piece of code tries to get access to CPU time so that it can execute, what techniques does it use etc. I think we have covered good enough angles about blocking malware’s pathways to execution in the CPU and started coding it. Soon you will see the fruits of this work and it will be better then what you thought was possible :wink:


Hehehe ;D
I can’t wait to see it.
What can I say? (L) (M)