A problem with the language pack

CID after disabling polish language pack Screenshot by Lightshot
CID after enabling polish language pack Screenshot by Lightshot
I want these errors not to occur.

Comodo IceDragon is fast, I like it. It’s better than Firefox and much faster.
Windows 7 optiplex 780. On the old graphics card and the old processor, the best for me is to disable hardware acceleration and recommended performance settings.

Error occur language pack is firefox and no icedragon, but does not prevent use browser :-TU

Hello kitaro, i have installed polish language it seams the problem is when accessing the About Page, from what i can see otherwise it works…unfortunately for the moment if you want to access the About Page you should change the language to English we will work on a fix on our next release

Hello Sergiu90. XML processing error: undefined unit Area: chrome: //browser/content/aboutDialog.xul
Row number: 63, column 13:
I am waiting for the new version of IceDragon Cpmodo, but I do not delude myself that the xul error will be corrected. Similarly, I have in NewMoon - for the second year fork Palemon has an incompatible Polish Language Pack from the original browser.
On Comodo IceDragon for XP, the Polish Language Pack was compatible with Firefox 48. Mozilla has broken xul since version 53. The github site is the Mypal fork palemoon browser. The author of the modification simultaneously modifies the palemon and language pack.
A consensus is possible. Fork Basilisk also has a critical xul error and you cannot use the Polish Language Pack from Firefox add-ons.

There are multiple language packs that have this problem, i have forwarded this issue to our dev team, thank you for reporting it