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A news item dated 27 Sept takes me to
On this page there is a heading
“Onsite trust indicator helps verify site identity”
Under which you advise
“On EV SSL protected sites, visitors will notice that the address bar turns green and displays the name of the Extended Validation certificate owner.”

Can you please give a link to an EV SSL protected site so that we can see what it looks like ?

It would be even better if you protected your own site so that we could see it without even using a link elsewhere.



Here’s 3, two first in Swedish, and third in Norwegian:




You said you wanted to see what it looks like, so I guess it won’t matter what language it’s in.



I normally use Firefox This I minimised and I launched I.E.7. VERSION 7.0.5730.11IS.

The first site loaded a login page, and bottom left corner “Done” was preceded by “!”, and was briefly followed by a warning of errors on the page. The other two links loaded without problems, BUT in every case the address bar was normal, not a trace of green.

Does I.E.7 have options that I need to manipulate ?
Do I need to totally reboot/restart the P.C. and launch I.E.7 without allowing Firefox or Thunderbird to get anywhere near the Internet ?

Just to be sure that we agree upon what the Address Bar is, I attach snapshots for each of the sites.

Do you expect the Comodo site to obtain EV SSL protection. I remember with amusement a proverb my grandmother taught me,
“The cobblers children are the only children that go to school with holes in their shoes” !!

p.s. There is a persistent error on your site. Whenever I attach a gif picture, I always “Preview” before I “Post”, and I am shown my message, but I can never see the pictures - I just have to post and come back to the topic a moment later to confirm the pictures arrived !!


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Not that I know of, I’ve got it with default settings. Tho I think either TLS 1.0, SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0 is disabled when you install it, but it won’t change anything.

I use Firefox and IE7 now, and there’s no problem for me.

Here’s what it looks like:




I do not know if this is significant, but I notice that of my 3 snapshots, only the top one which had errors on the page, this had on the extreme left the same default IE icon which appears when selecting the page About:Blank. The other two snapshots had site specific customised icons.

Cut to the chase.
https://www.datorbutiken.com/se has a site specific icon on the extreme left as seen by my I.E.7, whilst your I.E.7 instead shows the default I.E. icon. Is there something about your I.E.7 which prevents a site from customising this icon - perhaps related to also preventing a site from faking a green background ?


Sound like a good idea, but I don’t got anything to do that.
Guess it’s just something wrong with IE7 or something.


I have a good system (I think), I use Firefox as a browser and Thunderbird as my e-mail client, I do get some spam and very occasionally, some phishing, I find the best way to stop it getting onto your machine is to check it in the browser, and delete any that seem dubious - including phishing attempts.

Most of them I get around by the use of filters on my ISP, and normally only accept messages to a specific set of e-mail addresses - I must have upwards of 60 by now! That’s because I try to give a specific e-mail address to each firm I deal with online, as well as other people. Thsi means that if I get spam on any of these addresses, I can easily make up a new address and contact those people to get it changed, then I delete the old address! I’ve only had to do this 4 times, but it works!

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