A personal question about Valkyrie to COMODO Staff

Who is the master mind behind Valkyrie?
Who invented its architecture?

I know there is a complete group of excellent developers from COMODO behind Valkyrie.
But there must be someone who invented it and its directing its development.

We need to congratulate that person because Valkyrie its really a beast against malware.

Is it possible to know who he/she is? :wink:


I love her :-TU

Me too ;D ;D ;D

Melih could you give us some little infos about what’s being develop (CCAV etc…) I know you already know many things you won’t tell us … ;D

Melih, please dont let her go EVER! :wink:

Thank you Fanny for your excellent work and invention.
Valkyrie its showing already what its achieving and what it will come to be. :-TU

Thank you!

Me too…Using CIS 6.1 and testing valk. and its awesome :rocks:

When do we expect to have this as a permanent fixture in the cloud analysis.? :slight_smile: