a patch maybe?..

uh, I’m not sure if i can post this thread here, but here goes,
I got Kaspersky anti virus ver 7. During installation however, it detected Comodo as an incompatible software and i was forced to remove it, cause well, its Kaspersky after all. (:TNG)
i was hoping to know if you can release some sort of patch which helps the compatibility issue. I checked with a few friends of mine and they said Comodo has problems with Norton and Bitdefender as well. Because of this I’m currently using Zone Alarm Pro. Don’t like it much and the GUI is kindof sorry looking.


hi Ruki

All you need is CPF plus a decent free AV like Avira or something… you will be as secure as you can be today!


nah. avira, avast! and avg are no good to me. Recently i got the trojan, regsvr.exe and neither of these antiviri could block it. while avg could not detect anything at all, both avira and avast! detected it as a safe file. kaspersky was able to detect it for what it was and was able to successfully remove it. and yes, i did update the antiviri to the latest updates. i found out that CPF ver 2 is compatible with kaspersky, but downgrading isn’t exactly what a user looks for is it?

Couldn’t agree with you more Melih, i recently installed Kaspersky and my PC didn’t like it one bit needless to say i returned to my ever faithful Comodo (and Avast for anti virus) and hey presto everything is now running perfectly…Thanks Comodo (and Avast of course) (B)

With CPF v3 the majority of the risks have been mitigated and the reliance on AV is less than not having CPF v3…
so as long as you have cpf v3, then you can get away with any decent AV out there which are also free (until our AV is out that is :slight_smile: )


thats what i thought. but even my updated cpf v3 couldn’t do anything about the trojan. see i got the trojan via a pendrive from my college that my idiot of a friend plugged in and started accessing its files. the trojan got transferred to my pc and comodo being a firewall can’t do anything about it. avira, avast and avg were useless. i’m not a security freak to have a lot of spywares, anti-malwares and all. i just need a firewall and an av. and kaspersky works brilliantly. it cleaned up my system. one more thing. could you guys put in optional system part scan? i mean comodo either scans the whole system or just protects it. so to scan a pendrive of a few kb, i’d have to do a whole sys scan, and thats a headache. at least, in the next version, could you guys please make it compatible with any antivirus, paid and free, along with optional sys scan? that’d be excelllent…

This will help you (Kaspersky solution):


Iam using CPFpro version 3.0.xx and NOD32 [antivirus] and I have NO problem at all!

greetings,…Neelix [Hans]

I don’t like KAV because they are forcing you use Kaspersky products only.
People with NOD32, AVAST(as me), AVIRA… have got no problems.

If you referring to inability of third party firewalls to check network traffic properly with KAV/KIS installed, you should uncheck all ports in traffic monitoring (port settings) of KAV/KIS.
Also disable Web-AV, you will not need it when traffic is not checked…

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Sorry a lot,but i don’t like castrate my AV. I like and i want a web shield. Pay for an AV and dissable settings???NOP
And when you tray to install KAV with CPF installed they say you must uninstall CPF. I don’t want tricks, i want a clean install, without problems.
If you want all settings of KAV, use KIS. No gràcies.