A "not digitally signed" prgramm could not be installed using sandbox

I just tried to install a programm.
CIS showed to me, that the programm is not digitally signed.
I had tree options: Sandbox, allow, block
I decided to “sandbox”.
The prgramm started to install and CIS recommened again, to sandbox.
After this the installtion stopped: “RUNTIME ERROR”.

That I could not install a not digitally signed programm happened to me a lot of times.

Is it a bug?
Thanks for answering me

Sandboxing ‘isolates’ the program and it will not be able to register some necessary registry entries and the installation would obviously fail. I wonder when you actually wanted to install the program why didn’t you opt ‘Allow’?

There should not be any problem to install ‘non-signed’ executables as long as YOU ‘Allow’ it and when the executable actually tries to install the program, in the alerts you will also get an option of ‘installer/updater’. Once this is selected, the program will be smoothly installed.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for answering me.
But if the prgramm, I want to install, is malware and it is not detected by antivirus,
and sandboxing is not possible, I might have malware on my pc after installation???

If there’s a file that you want to allow outisde of the sandbox, as per your example, I would advise making sure it isn’t malware first. If it checks out then allow it access to your computer.

Thank you very much “CHIRON”.
The link helped me a lot.