A New Trojan,Comodo İs Not Detected,Please Show The Topic

ım a Turkish comodo internet security user , sorry my english bad.

hello dear ;

a new trojan horse and the trojan not detecting comodo anti-virüs

the new trojan horse detected kaspersky anti-virüs

Virüs-Total Log : http://www.virustotal.com/tr/analisis/bae95551ba2aafe46a9ee90d5c3d8f1c

Trojan Horse Program name : Tikky Keylogger

The Trojan is Download URL -snip- removed malicious links and sent to Comodo AV Labs - 3xist

thanks for all

Thanks. I removed the malicious link. Please avoid posting live malware in public though. :slight_smile: But no worries I will give it to the AV Analysts.

If you are willing to fight malware in the future and share malware on the forums, you may apply for access to the Malware Research Board, provided you will not misuse any related resource for illicit or inappropriate purposes. Please PM Melih the CEO of COMODO if you would like to join. :slight_smile:


3xist your baddie… :slight_smile:
You forgot to remove the link from your quoting. :wink:

Just fixed that, Cheers! - 3xist