A more informative help guide, especially the troubleshooting section.

In its current state the CID help guide lacks vital information, especially the troubleshooting section.
Users are always needing to reference Firefox when troubleshooting, as the help guide for troubleshooting IceDragon is next to non existent.
Please note the troubleshooting guides below, comparing IceDragon to Firefox.
IceDragon Troubleshooting-Comodo Help
Firefox Troubleshooting-Mozilla Support

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Thanks from Captainsticks.

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    Only where (on what a site and who will be constantly engaged in it) they will to publish this help? ???

Edit: If only in the help IceDragon management.
1 . Troubleshooting section
To insert the link to a site of support of Firefox
If only officially it is possible. ???