A minor issue

I am involved in the Computer/Windows Repair Industry, mainly home computers with enough commercial to be a nuisance. Having recently found and installed the Firewall and Antivirus programs I am absolutely sure that Comodo have the products I can recommend to Customers without any reservations at all.

I have had no errors no problems in any way, will ignore the Auto update problem the other day as it falls into the category of s### happens, usually when you least expect it and when things are going too well to be true.

I usually get a number of systems presented each week that either have no Virus/Scumware protection or expired and hopelessly out of date copies of well known well criticised big name products. Up to now I have been recommending and installed either AVG or Avast as easy to use and reasonably effective protection. As a result of this most of my existing Customers use one of these products. However all is not sweetness and light in the world of Computer servicing (at least around me anyway), I have had a dramatic increase in the incidence of Rootkit based scumware that goes through most AV products like a hot knife through butter with the symptoms only being reported and either un-removable or recreated next time the system is restarted. It seems that CAV v2 may be the answer to my problems.

However the download method is a problem that although not insurmountable could make a nonsense out of the reason for having people register before downloading. If I could regularly download a single up-to-date copy and install that on as many systems as necessary with only the registration needing to be carried out on the customers system my life would become much simpler. At the moment I would have to either use my own email (or the first customer each week) to get a file then individually register each after installed or even better leave registration to the customer.

Would be nice to have a download only link.

you can simply download and save a local copy and use that.
then user’s will simply register it within 30 days…

alternatively u can go to download.com and download it from there…


Sort of defeats the issue when the versions from download.com are old. I would then have to download the updates using their system (and most are on modems) which would probably take longer and tie the phone line up for longer.

It is this sort thing that prompted me to ask the question in the first place.

But as you suggest there are always alternatives - will do what I have to to get the job done in the cleanest, shortest way possible.


this is where u can find the latest version without the need to register… :wink:



Thanks for your assistance and (as said by many before) a very nice package. The only problem may be that if it gets too good I may lose customers and cash as they will not have the same problems…


That’s easy fixed, Barry, install Nortons! LOL


Give me a couple of hours and I may stop giggling enough to get some work done.