A minor delay...but a good reason for it

Hi All,

Yes , today was supposed to be the day…

Now, before everyone raises their eyebrows and thinks “aah, not again” let me tell you this.

We are releasing on Monday 25th February.
We are releasing with Comodo Endpoint Security - not Comodo Internet Security.

Comodo Endpoint Security is the cutting-edge business version of Comodo Internet Security which will allow us to push the envelope on Endpoint Security management (although not all the management features will be available on Monday, but will be here soon).

So, that’s my reason - I hope it is good enough.



Keep up the good work. We can manage to wait…

By the way, any early comments on what the exact differences between CES and CIS are ?

Seems like COMODO is still walking on its own and original path… INNOVATION!

Hi Siva,

The main difference is the amount of control ESM will eventually have over CES (you may remember how granular ESM 1.6’s control was over CIS 4.1).

ESM 3’s control over CES will be similar (not right away - but soon). So basically CES is CIS for business, all the same features and function are/will be there it is just that the admin can choose which of these features/functions should be exposed to the user.

CES will also form the foundation for some of the new, cool stuff that ESM will be doing and no, I’m not saying what those will be. :slight_smile:


Pretty please… we need a small advance to prepare ourselves as BETA FORCE members. 8)

Hi w-e-v,

Beta-Force members always get the first slice of the pie…


Nice evasive answer… :smiley:

I feel like this bear.

Just chilling out and waiting.