A lot left to be desired

At least it is for me. I have been using KeePass for over a couple of years and I’ll stick with it if all I need is to manage passwords, etc. Combined with KeeForm it is a neat and nifty little combo to store passwords and to launch applications, launch web accounts, and submit login and password at a click of a button. It is a good alternative to RoboForm (paid version).

I came back to COMODO iVault because recently KeeForm was flagged as a “Trojan” (no it is not). It is because BOClean has tagged AutoIt as the worm that can be used to write pieces of malicious code it is broadly classified as undesirable (KeeForm is a script using AutoIt). Of course one can always use the function to exclude certain applications from BOClean (which I have done) but I just don’t feel comfortable.

And this brought me to iVault. I was, initially, excited that it could save passwords, login, web links, launch and submit but that elation was short lived. I first tried out one email account and it worked great. I added another account (spouse’s) at the same provider, and it did not work as I expected, in fact the program did not perform the auto-login. I played around for about two hours and finally gave up.

Long live KeePass, KeeForm and KeeRun!! I’ll only defect from the “KeeCombo” if and when iVault does something similar to (or better than) “KeeCombo”. Till then it is goodbye COMODO iVault.

Thanks to COMODO for all the other great products. I’m sure team COMODO will come up with a newer iVault (at least I’m hoping).


we would appreciate if you could add the features that you like into the wishlist pls.
this would help our developers a lot.


I didn’t realize that you had posted a response. In fact immediately after posting this one. I went over to the wish-list posting and posted one. It is not a list of things numbered from one (1) to ten (10) but have requested that it (in a very broad fashion) be similar or better than “KeeCombo” because that is what I have grown used to and the only benchmark I have.

I think if your developers could install KeePass, KeeForm, and KeeRun (KeeCombo as I like to call it) and get some ideas to enhance iVault. Oh by the way, KeeCombo is completely free including the source-code.

Simply put across, iVault should at least be able to …

  • manage passwords (which it already does)
  • generate complex passwords (KeePass is better with character seletion)
  • submit login information at the click of a button (it does somewhat)
  • collect login information from web-pages (like RoboForm) if a keycard doesn’t already exist.
  • handle multiple accounts (diff id’s and passwords) at the same web address
  • be able to handle multi-layer authentication (my personal wish KeePass cannot do this, RoboForm does this very well)
  • should be available as a standalone product, not integrated with launch pad

I’m sorry that I have posted here. If one of the moderators could please copy the gist into the wishlist I would be greatful. My thoughts started to flow and I couldn’t get out this without posting.

Hi Snyder,

Your requests have been copied to the wishlist.


Thanks Snyder.

we really appreciate your help.