A little bug with V23.0.1(RESOLVED)

I just encounterd a bug on this site
I can NOT choose the country with a click on the little arrow just below the Map on the right side
It’s working good with Firefox but not with comodo?


Hi and welcome malgretout,
Is Dragon set to allow sites to run JavaScript?
Type or copy/paste dragon://dragon/settings/content into the address bar and enter.
Content Settings

Do you have any 3rd party blocking extensions?

Thanks for your help!

Yes comodo is allowed!
And i have
Adblock,adblock plus and ghostery (also on Firefox)
But also when i deactived this extensions it’s doesn’t work!!!

But is it working with you?
And how can i start comodo in safe mode?I ean without any extensions?


You can launch an incognito window by going to the Dragon menu and selecting “New incognito window” or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.


I think it’s a really bug
Because it doesn’t work in incognito mode.

Hi malgretout, are you sure the two blocking extensions aren’t conflicting somehow even when disabled? :-\

But is it working with you?
Yes it is working but I can reproduce if [b]Block sites from setting any data[/b] is selected. [url=http://help.comodo.com/topic-120-1-279-2555-Managing-Cookies.html]Managing cookies[/url]

Works fine here too. AdBlock, AdBlock + and Ghostery installed too.

ABP+, ghostery, disconnect extension installed and i can change country with no problem.

2 malgretout: What extensions are you using witch CD ?

i have 31 extensions with comodo!!
But wait i gonna uninstall it and reinstall it and check witch extensions make the mess!!

ANd the winner is??
"Right click "here:


But i see that you can add in white list
So i add EuroGuitar and it’s ok now!!!

I thank you very much for your help!!!

You are welcome and nice to hear that you found the cause of the issue. :-TU