A little ad blocking test

My impression has been that Ad Sanitizer does a poor job of blocking ads in Chromodo (version, so I did a little test. Attached are three screen shots of the same web page, with the page closed and reopened from a search engine each time to get a fresh page. The first has Ad Sanitizer enabled and other ad blockers disabled. Notice there were five ads visible. The second is with Ad Sanitizer and PrivDog disabled, and Adblock Plus or Adblock enabled (both were tested, but not simultaneously). There were no ads visible. The third is with PrivDog enabled and other ad blockers disabled. There were no ads visible, but placeholders were visible, possibly to let the user know that ads were blocked. Multiple tests were done to change the sequence in which each ad blocker was enabled, but the results were the same.

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PrivDog http://www.privdog.com

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You are using AdSanitizer in default mode, in case you want to compare please use settings as shown in enclosed image.

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Thank you for the tip. Tested Ad Sanitizer again after making that change and it performed similar to PrivDog.