A list of Acronyms found on the forums

A list of Acronyms found on the forums

ABA - Application Behavior Analysis
AM - Application Monitor
CAVS - Comodo Antivirus
CBOC - Comodo BOClean
CFP - Comodo Firewall Pro
CM - Component Monitor
HIPS - Host Intrusion Prevention System
NM - Network Monitor

ACK - Acknowledgement
ALG - Application Layer Gateway Service
ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
BOOTP - Bootstrap Protocol
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DNS - Domain Name Service
FIN - Finish
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
GRE - Generic Routing Encapsulation
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol
IMAP4 - Internet Message Access Protocol version 4
IP - Internet Protocol
IPv4 - Internet Protocol version 4
IPv6 - Internet Protocol version 6
LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol
NTP - Network Time Protocol
PING - Packet Internet Grouper
POP3 - Post Office Protocol version 3
PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol
PPPoE - Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
RST - Reset
SMTP - Simple Message Transfer Protocol
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
SYN - Synchronize
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
UDP - User Datagram Protocol

COM/OLE - Component Object Model/Object Linking and Embedding
FAT - File Allocation Table
ICF - Internet Connection Firewall
ICS - Internet Connection Sharing
IE - Internet Explorer
IIS - Internet Information Server
LSASS - Local Security Authority System Service
MMC - Microsoft Management Console
MS-DS - Microsoft Directory Service
MS-RPC - Microsoft Remote Procedure Call
NBNAME - NetBIOS Name Service
NBDGRAM - NetBIOS Datagram Service
NBSS - NetBIOS Session Service
NetBIOS - Network Basic Input Output System
NTFS - New Technology File System
RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol
SSDP - Simple Service Discovery Protocol
UPnP - Universal Plug and Play
WINS - Windows Internet Name Service
WMI - Windows Management Instrumentation

Fx - Firefox
IPC - InterProcess Communication
P2P - Peer to Peer
STB - Set Top Box
TB - Thunderbird

General Network:
LAN - Local Area Network
MAC Address - Media Access Control Address
NAT - Network Address Translation
NetBIOS - Network Basic Input/Output System
NIC - Network Interface Card
SPI - Stateful Packet Inspection
VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol
WAN - Wide Area Network

Security and Encryption:
IPSEC - Internet Protocol Security
ISAKMP - Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
L2TP - Layer2 Tunneling Protocol
PKCS - Public Key Cryptography Service
PKI - Public Key Infrastructure
PPTP - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
TLS - Transport Layer Security
VPN - Virtual Private Network

Wireless Networking:
SSID - Service Set Identifier
WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access
WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy or Wireless Encryption Protocol