A link to report possible fraud


I came to your site (comodo.com) to see if I could find out if a certain web site’s “Corner of Trust” logo is fake or not. I came because I need help, but I’m posting in this category because it will also help you find misuse of your logo if you make it easy to report. I’m suggesting you put a link on the front page of your site such as “Report suspicious COMODO logos.”

On the web site I’m worried about, it certainly seems fake. First, it’s in the corner of a table instead of the corner of the window. Next, it’s just an image–there’s no link on it. Finally, the image is smaller than usual and a little funky.

The site in question, a visa processing company (‘visa’ as in tourism, not credit cards), is described as legit on TripAvisor.com but that’s just from users so not to be fully trusted.

Meanwhile, can you tell me how to determine if the logo is fake or simply installed improperly?

P.S. I didn’t mention the site’s URL here in case they are legit but would be glad to send it by email, etc.

thanks for that.
pls send it to me via PM