A lil sumptin sumptin to help out.

Hello Comodo Users and Staff.
Melih asked me to post this link w/a little note.


I created this page as a form of thanks for
Melih and all the Comodo techies work
and all this great free software.
I’m not a programmer and new to Comodo
so not a lot to offer in help here as of yet,
but seeing the excellence in these products
and all the time and work to be giving away freely
I felt the need to offer this support what little it may be
as this is just a personal website of my own.

Maybe there is a little inspiration for someone
here and I welcome any thoughts or ideas
(simple is best) to make this better.

I sent out an animation I made
in my weekly news letter to my friends
and online family linked to the page
as I do have a long time following
of good people out here on the net.

Please feel free to use that animation in the same manner
linking it to either Comodo.Com or my Comodo page.

Hopefully it’ll be of some worth
to Comodo and it’s Family…

Thank You again Melih, Panic, and all the good people here at Comodo.Com !


That’s great. Excellent.

WHOA… I like it… Great Job Man…

Nice work!
Comodo must be pleased that so many people is trying to help them!
They deserve it! (:CLP)

Very nice! I compliment you! (:CLP) (:CLP) (:KWL)



Nice job on the site! Thanks for you support :smiley:

Thanks for all your kind words Gang !
Not sure who all is hitting the page but there have been over 100 hits
(surprised me seeing so many already.)
so hopefully a few people have found and are spreading the good word !

Peace Within to you All !

Peace Out for now,