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Verisign is trying to get back into a business in which they lost the leadership position to Comodo, hence trying to PR their security side of their business recently as far as I can see.

It is Comodo who has been driving the new initiatives in the SSL Industry with initiation of CABForum etc.

We are the new kids on the block and the leading company. According to Google Comodo’s brand trend is way above Verisign and, if you ask me, they have to play catch up in many areas to Comodo.

Check this out to see what I mean.

I believe we provide a better customer experience, better innovation and more economical solutions to our customers! Afterall, our customers benefit from our Brand awareness we have built! When our customers put our name on their site, they are immediately recognised due to our brand awareness, as shown by the above link. Comodo has amazing following by the end user segment who uses our products to secure themselves. We engage with end users at Security/Trust level and help leverage this brand awareness for our customers. Our other competitors for SSL business has no engagement with end users at all apart from displaying their logos on merchants sites, but that provides no engagement and very ineffective in a world that is full of banners!

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I wonder how they protect against air asaults :smiley:

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