A girl for Ganda

With more than 1000 posts and 20000 views of the Where is Ganda? topic Ganda probbably is the most popular forum member here :wink: So it is time for something new, and what could we better do than finding a girlfriend for our beloved forum member ;D

Greetz, Red.

I would say this is the girl Ganda is dreaming about :


Greetz, Red.

But Ganda will need to ship her air freight. :BNC

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ganda girl

I’ve met Ganda and his GF they love Guitar Hero… http://www.irserious.com/images/2007/10/hotgh.jpg

:BNC another spam topic :BNC




@ goose18: nice pick (:NRD)
@ kail: :slight_smile: is she real? ganda girl :-TU :-TU :-TU
@ sded : >:(


I am searching for an AUSTRALIAN girl for you ganda… ;D


sure, np. i’m global citizen. ;D

Real? Well, real in the sense that “ganda girl” has a web site & obviously sings. According to her web page you can contact her on “MSN gandagirl”… so, there you go. But, I wouldn’t recommend starting with “Are you real?”. ;D


First off all, If you like a girl, Share your feelings. If she likes you too, Then your in :wink: But if she doesn’t block her and run away.


3xist m8 :slight_smile:

The question here is not if Ganda likes a girl :o But if she likes him too :wink:

Greetz, Red.

  1. yeah i’m not picky… 88) maybe i need to change my haircut or something? 88) i can take off my glasses & use sunglasses, it helps me look cooler ;D

lucky she’s pretty, i was gonna sue her >:(

i’m thinking of something naughty

I’d stick with the guitar hero one, m8.

No ganda take the one SDED, you will really like her 88). It’s all on the inside boy ;D.


I don’t think ganda will have a chance on any of the girls, so maybe he should try for this girl?

:frowning: >:( i’ll consider it if i want to buy a bed >:(

:-TU :Beer the best so far :Beer i feel like in a reality show :slight_smile: (you know, something…“bachelor”)

bad contestant >:( but…

More like Beauty and the Beast… (:WIN)

So this is the new Ganda thread v. 2 :frowning:

Yeah. Two threads=x2 post increase :BNC

I think I found a girl who loves Ganda already and she’s Indonesian ;D

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