a game called Call of Duty Warzone not launching at all with CIS

lots of people are having an issue where the game doesnt launch at all with CIS installed on the PC(starts working only after uninstalling it), so maybe someone can fix the issue please…

and it gives an “BLZBNTBGS000003F8” disconnected error when installing CIS while the game is up and running(launched with Cis NOT installed)…


ok thx, i just added 4 of the exe files into the exclusion list and now it seems to be working

Just done the same, and can now finally play the game, was waiting as i was not prepared to remove Comodo just to play the game.

Nice job guys.

Can you tell me which exe files you gave to the Exclusion?

Try to Exclude the folder instead the exe.
And the installation on program files does not work with the exclusion, need to install the game in other path or folder. Regards

Hi, can You help me with the same problem ?
Cannot run CallOfDuty - Warzone after patch in 04/2021.
I am using Comodo IS. I set Exclude folder in ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced Protection’ > ‘Miscellaneous’ > shellcode_injection
(see in attachments)
But nothing help…
When I uninstalled CIS, Warzone runs without problems…
In application log on W10 I see, that is problem with nttdll.dll, detail in attachments…
I’ll be glad for any help…
Best regards,

i bought G-Data now everything works fine!

Hi DM001,

Are you still facing this issue ?


Yes, problem still exists, now after a 10 months try to play warzone, and the same situation.

Edit2: Complete uninstall warzone and install again, it seems now thah all is OK…