A full scan with AV freezes at random points.

I want to use CIS with it’s AV but I’ve tried it 3 - 4 times over the last month and always have the same trouble. If I try to do a full scan of my System Drive it runs for a while and then freezes at some point(different places with different tries). I’ve had to remove the AV and use another program. Is anyone aware of this problem and if so is there a solution? I’ve checked my DEP setting and it is set to watch only windows files. Thanks

are the files where it freezes really big? I also head the doing a clean install ( using revo uninstaller or the batch tool to remove leftovers) tens to fix this issue.

Not sure about size but I don’t think so. I’ve removed and reinstalled about three times with same results. " using revo uninstaller or the batch tool to remove leftovers" not familiar with these where can they be found? Has Comodo addressed the problem?

This program searches for leftover registry keys and files that the uninstaller might have missed. Sometimes when these are leftover, they can cause problems when trying to reinstall the program.

This batch file will remove virtually all of the leftovers that Revo might and might not find.

I remember that there use to be a problem in CIS 3.xx with the scanning engine getting stuck at particular files (I believe it was mainly archives that triggered it). However, I believe that was fixed. It would help if you could find the exact, if not at least the types, of files it freezes on.

Which version of CIS are you using?

4.0.141842.828, OS is Windows 7 64 bit. One file that caused a freeze was “C:\users\catman\appdata\local\Microsoft…OEStandardProperty” The window was too small to read complete path and file name.