A free Download Manager for your browser!


If you need a good download manager for your CD, I suggest Eagleget. Give it a try, you’ll not regret! :wink:


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I suggest Eagleget.
I've heard good things about it. I tried it a month ago and couldn't get it working right(I've reported the bug, but never retried it with a newer version). I'm thinking about trying it soon and if its better then IDM as a few people said. I'm switching

I don’t use any download managers. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

I realize that there is no need any download manager >:-D you can use DownThemAll and VideoDownloadHelper via Firefox or mozilla based browsers :-TU

if you want to use download manager I recommend IDM :-TU but I am an open source volunteer and I recommend all Free Download Manager (FDM) :-TU

currently i am using Eagleget download manager. it is a good product.

Thanks for sharing your opinions.

Download Managers are useful (IMO) when you are working with big files. Resume and accelerations are the two main features that an usual browser do not have! Why should I wait longer, when you can use one of this?! Time is money in this * World! ;D

On Firefox I use DownThemAll, for many years, but its not compatible with Chrome. This is a big minus for me! Also, on Comodo Dragon, FDM, doesn’t work at all. You need to add an external extension to make things to work properly. :-\

So I found EG, an all-in-one, freeware, compatible with most popular browsers. :wink:

+1 Right.
EagleGet is good option for the people who is searching the alternative one :-TU

I have tried really i think all download managers, only the free ones. Included IDM, FDM, FRD, IDA, RD, und Star Downloader
IDM = Internet Download Manager
FDM = Free Download Manager
FRD = Free Rapid Downloader
IDA = Internet Download Accelerator
RD = Real Downloader

The absolute tip was Load! by Candisoft. This one is really great. No problems, it downloads most of the files on most sites. Other downloaders often tried to download html instead of the wanted file, even as html was disabled in the file download list. Torrents went best with Transmission Qt instead of uTorent.

I downloaded Eagleget with Opera 11.11 from Eagleget website link above and installing it i got the message
“eaglenet downloader unable to execute file in the temporary directory.setup aborted.
error5: access is denied”

I had ended CIS 5.12 before downloading and installing it.

But i will see to give it another try.