A Few Suggestions

Instead on being able to setup multiple passwords on various CMS features, enter a master password in the “Settings” module. When you want to password protect a feature, just touch the padlock icon (unlocked) to enable. To enter a password protected area, select padlock icon and enter password to advance. To remove password, touch and hold on padlock icon, entering password to reset.

Rather than using predefined password questions, let the user enter their own question and answer.

When a sms message is recieved in status bar, allow the user to open their message from here.


i like this suggestion could also solve the problem i have

For other suggestions, see my post here: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-mobile-security-cms/cms-rate-kind-of-ok-on-avtest-android-malware-test-for-march-2012-t82887.0.html;msg593053#msg593053https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-mobile-security-cms/cms-rate-kind-of-ok-on-avtest-android-malware-test-for-march-2012-t82887.0.html;msg593053#msg593053

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Let me start with a big thanks to the Comodo Team for this CMS. I love it! :smiley:

Here are a few more suggestions:

A Stealth mode which allows CMS to endure hard reset, avoid uninstallation, and why not desactivate the USB port (a flashed custom rom could clean the system from CMS easily)

More remote features: receive the history of the last SMSes sent/calls, receive a Health Check (or a kind of read the status), display a pop-up message on the phone and Erase/Wipe the external SD card.

Privacy Protection: what about encrypted message and/or file? Or just a way to keep private any file into memory.

Avast Trusted SIM Cards List idea is pretty cool.

Have a nice day :wink:

The devs have been notified some features/requests will only function on rooted phones. This includes some of yours.
Thank you.

Thank you guys.

We are working on some of your suggestions now.

Thank you for helping us improving CMS.

Hi Fanny, all, :slight_smile:

Here is another request:
Most (all?) the mobile security suites on Android encounter trouble with non stock message app. For instance, I use Go SMS Pro (the other competitor is Handcent) and all remote Anti theft features are not working. So, by any chance and if it’s possible: please add the CMS compatibility to other message app.

Have a nice day

Here are a couple of suggestions which would make CMS even better:

  1. Call / SMS blocking: Ability to block calls based on group memberships and times, could create a group called Family and allow at all times, or a group called work and allow only on weekdays between 6:00am and 6:00pm
  2. Application and port firewall: Ability to choose which applications can access a specific network, e.g. Facebook to access the web via wireless, but not via 3G.

One suggestion i also want to add. Can you put application rules just like with your firewall with partially limited access and submit for analysis option so that we will not got to your forum sending samples for analysis.

“Submit for analysis” will be added to CMS.

Thank you.

One more is that cms have a quarantine so that unrecognize application csn be put on this place and can be restored if its already confirmed safe. Thanks and keep the good work guys in improving CMS

Run the scan and you are notified.
If the app is not run it is not loaded into active memory. Instead of a quarantine why not add a Freeze/boil option to prevent the app from running?

With data over the air at a premium or limited, submit for analysis is something that concerns me due to additional data being used for the submit.

Firewalls require Root. Not everyone has root.

I’m on ICS, you’ve a great app here. But here are some suggetions that you may consider to improve

  • calls from private contacts still showed up in the phone logs, perhaps an option to toggle this off
  • also an option to toggle off notification of sms (& even calls) from private contacts?
    cheers :slight_smile:

can you say which ones are being worked on


see https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t85563.0.html

any plans for CMS working with Blackberry phones?