A Few Questions


Below are a few questions from my brother (regarding DiskShield in an educational environment).

  1. When is it due to go Final?
  2. Will it be FREE or Purchasable (if so, what price)?
  3. Can you enable / disable certain folders to write too, such as AntiVirus update folder, Deploys (customizable)?
  4. Is there (or going to be) a Master Program, so that you can enable/disable a whole bunch of computer, in a group/room?
  5. Is this going to be like, HDGuard, Fortres 101, DeepFreeze type product?
  6. Can it be used in a Educational Institute (like AVG, free for personal use but not in a Corp environment)?
  7. What is Sandbox, how does that work…?


When it is ready- There is no current release date. A Few beta’s to go.

Yes. Free.

Prehaps add it to the Wish-List if not.

Wish-List :). This sounds more like enterprise.

Yep, But better.

Can be used Personal or Biz/Educational use! :slight_smile:

This isn’t a Sandbox program- A Sandbox program will be out soon!

Definition for Sandbox


This is Sandboxie. Can’t wait to see Comodo’s version. When I surf the dark side of the net I Sandbox my browser. If you download something and just wanna try it out simply install the application under a sandbox. If its a virus or malware or something you don’t even want simply empty the sandbox and it will be gone like it never happened.

i would like to clarify the pricing issue

its free for personal, education and charitable org uses.

we intend to charge for the enterprise versions and will be integrated with our Central Management protocol.



“we intend to charge for the enterprise versions”: Also the license of the beta version does not allow installation in a cybercafe. (“should not be used commercially”). Is this true?
In which price range will it be for commercial use like that? Thanks, ravelo

because its beta it should not be used in any production environment and only in test environments.

What price range is acceptable and attractive for commercial use ?


$9.99/Year IMHO.