A few questions

Yesterday I came back from my vacation and found that Kaspersky anti virus 6.0 couldn’t connect to the internet. It turned out to be Comodo, which blocked it. I had even given Kaspersky full internet rights. Any ideas on how I allow Kaspersky to connect to the internet?

I also have a problem with Firefox. Comodo asks me several times a day if I want to allow ff to connect to the internet. I say yes and tells Comodo to remember this setting. Why doesn’t Comodo remember it?

I’m sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

If your AV is being blocked, it’s most likely the updater which is suffering, not the main component. Check the logs for clues. The easiest way to do that is to sort them by the last 30 days rather than just today and then right click anywhere in the list and choose “Export HTML”. Give it a name, save the file somewhere and then open it and look for items related to Kapersky which are being blocked.
Once you’ve established what those are, go to “Application Monitor”, click the “Add” button and then add the appropriate component(s). Click the “Move Up” button to move them above the last “Block” entry in the list.

As regards Firefox, other applications can use the browser to display data. For example, I’ve got a DVD organizer called Flickz which uses the Firefox browser interface to display data even though the two are totally unrelated to each other. You’ll no doubt come across something similar from time to time.

yes it is the Kaspersky updater, which is being blocked. How do I see the logs? I’m such a ■■■■■■ at stuff like this ;D

About ff I have tried to say no before, then it blocked ff from connecting to the internet. So it isn’t just other programs using ff. It is ff itself, at least it seems like that to me, but then my knowledge of firewalls is limited as stated before :wink: