a few questions, please help

I have a few questions about the firewall/D+. I checked the help file and either they were not mentioned or they were explained very poorly so Ill try here.

  1. when you first install the firewall what is the default stealth port wizard set too?

  2. In the D+ predefined security policies what exactly are the isolated and limited application settings for? The isolated application setting blocks all access rights so why not just select block application instead of stetting it as an isolated app? Windows system app and trusted app all have the same access rights so what is the difference between the two since they do the same thing?


  1. The default stealth port wizard is the selection for P2P. It makes a global rule stating “Block any ICMP In From IP Any To IP Any Where ICMP Message Is ECHO Request”.

  2. I am still looking. I actually never use isolated or limited.

Windows System Application can run any executable without prompt, while Trusted Application will prompt on executable execution.

I can’t answer your question about the difference between Isolated Application and Limited Application, because I deleted both of them (I don’t use those two). However, there is a difference between allowing a program to run under either of these and blocking a program altogether. Running a program under one of these two predefined policies constrains what a program can do in interacting with the system, but the program still runs. A blocked program, on the other hand, does not execute at all.